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, tango candy

meet ariadna and fernando

this couple is my latest argentine tango crush

i recently saw them perform live

their musicality is fantastic

, and they're just super cute

you can see the more photos here

- the photos are refreshingly free from red tango roses

[plus you gotta love her shoes, right?]

image credit [marielise goulene]

the youtube video set below represents the usual tango performance program at festivals

the couple who teaches, performs three or maybe four dances:

tango, tango waltz and often a milonga [i've written about the milonga style here]

this is ariadna naveira and fernando sanchez at el abrazo in hamburg

[watch on youtube]

[tango: maipo - juan d'arienzo]

[watch on youtube]

[tango waltz: ilusiòn azul - alfredo de angelis]

[watch on youtube]

[tango: te aconsejo que me dejes - aníbal troilo]

[watch on youtube]

[milonga: la manzanita - alfredo de angelis]

by the way, here's a tip if you want to watch youtube videos but have a slow connection:

- click the 'pause' button just after the video starts playing

- wait until the red line is complete

- click the 'play' button

i'm off to dance tango now - hope you'll have a lovely friday!

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  1. Can't wait to see these videos when I get home.

    Happy dancing!

  2. I enjoyed watching these tango videos! I would so much love to dance again (I did it a little when I was a student), but it´s quite hard to find the right dance-partner (unfortunately my husband hasn´t really the musical- and rythm-vibes... :))

  3. josephine, i hope you like them! i think it's a lovely couple, but it's like other kinds of artists - we don't always like the same thing!

    something white, i'm glad you enjoyed the videos! if you dance argentine tango, you don't need a partner of your own - although it's good to have someone to practice with. and it would obviously be nice if it were your husband!


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